Why is getting a ring sized important, and how can I get it done properly?

What do you think the most important feature of your ring is? The style? The precious metal? The stones?

Did you guess it was the SIZE?

Some rings are pieces of fashion and some represent a lifelong commitment. No matter what purpose your ring serves, chances are it stays with you all day. So it’s important that the ring isn’t too tight to get over the knuckle, or so big that it rattles around.

We think about these things when we first buy a ring — but that’s not the end of the story! Our fingers change size and shape throughout our lives. A ring that fit comfortably five or ten years ago might be a struggle to remove now, or it might slip right from your finger.

Fortunately, a good jeweler can resize your ring so that it fits you perfectly again.

If your fingers are swollen, DO NOT WAIT to remove your ring! A ring that is too small will make swelling worse and will eventually require cutting the ring from your finger. Save your circulation and your ring!

How Resizing Works

The best way to resize a ring involves adding or removing precious metal to/from your ring. For enlarging, a cut is made at the base of the ring (the part facing your palm). The same type of precious metal is then inserted into the gap. When done properly, the seams are invisible.

Making a ring smaller is a similar process, but metal is removed instead. The two cuts are then joined together, and the ring is soldered closed.

Things to Consider

No matter where you choose to have your ring resized, there are important things to keep in mind:

  • Except in rare cases, it is NOT appropriate to “stretch” or “shrink” the ring. This causes stress fractures in the ring, and more delicate metalwork may break.
  • “Continuous band” rings, or rings that have a design all the way around, may be more difficult to resize. Discuss your options with your jeweler.
  • Multiple resizings may damage the integrity of the metal, due to the soldering required to close the cuts. A good jeweler will use the minimum solder necessary to complete the resizing.

Remember to always ask if you aren’t confident about how your ring will be resized. A good jeweler will always be happy to answer your questions!