We know what it’s like — you know what you want.

Sometimes you know exactly what you want, other times it’s just a sketchy idea.
But you can’t find it anywhere, and the “salespeople” aren’t listening to you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just skip all that?

At Sands Company Jewelers, we’re not just a jewelry store.

We do what most stores can’t: we create stunning pieces of art right along with you.


We believe you deserve to sit down with an expert Artisan whose time is yours, who will strive to help you with exactly what you want because they’re not working on commission.

Whether it’s a custom engagement ring you’ve been thinking of for years, or a family heirloom you’d like recreated with a bit more sparkle, our in-house team of professional artists can help you create a wide variety of gifts for every special occasion!

Have an idea?

All our work is done in-house, so stop by today to discuss your next custom piece!