Even though technology has changed over the years, the overall process has remained the same.
We still work with clients every day to help bring their custom creations to life!

Step One: The Drawing

Getting your ideas on paper is the first step toward bringing your custom piece to life. With years of experience in fine art design, we can work with you to put the idea together.

Step Two: 3D Modeling

From there, the design moves to our modeling software, giving us the freedom to change a variety of elements and continue to perfect the piece until it matches your imagination.

Step Three: Wax Carving

Before your design is poured in precious metal, an exact replica is first carved from wax, which will serve as the base for the plaster mold.

Step Four: Casting

The plaster mold is created around the wax carving and is then used to pour the precious metal of your choice. This form of making jewelry, called lost-wax casting, has been used since 4500 BC.

Step Five: Final Styling

Setting the stones, adding the fine details, and polishing the metal are the final tasks. The finished product puts your ideas right in your hand.